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John Lehman – CEO, New Zealand

John Lehman, CEO – The CFO Centre, New Zealand

John is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 21 years of experience gained from a mix of CFO and corporate advisory roles across industries as diverse as manufacturing, construction, corporate finance, forestry and logistic sectors.

He has worked as CFO for Port Taranaki in New Zealand, Director of BDO Chartered Accountants,  and CFO for York Timbers Limited (South African Stock Exchange Listed).

John has led projects which have delivered significant shareholder value through mergers and acquisitions, strategic change management and information systems improvements.

His goal is to influence businesses to grow and to ultimately enhance shareholder value through strategic analysis, teamwork and efficiency.  John  has  a high level of financial acumen  yet believes in a keep it simple approach and will provide you with advice and guidance to get your business successful and growing.


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